Oligonol®Study Results

Blood flow

RESEARCHImprovement of blood flow

Oligonol® raised the body surface temperature.

Poor blood circulation causes cold fingertips and toes.
To investigate whether Oligonol® improves blood flow of hands and feet, healthy subjects ingested Oligonol® and the surface temperature of hands was measured.
The results showed that Oligonol® raised the surface temperature of fingertips, suggesting that Oligonol® might ameliorate various diseases, such as cold constitution and shoulder stiffness, induced by vascular constriction.

Kentaro Kitadate et al., Natural Medicine Journal, 6(7) (2014)

Clinical study

Design: A single-blind, placebo-controlled crossover trial
Subject: 6 healthy volunteers (28-40 years old)
Groups: Oligonol® and placebo
Dose : Single dose (50 mg)
Endpoints: Alteration of the body surface temperature through skin thermography measurement for 2 hours after supplementation


Oligonol® elevated the temperature of palms and might be effective for improving peripheral blood flow in healthy persons.