Oligonol®Standardized, oligomerized lychee fruit polyphenol

Highly bioavailable polyphenols

Polyphenols are compounds naturally found in plants and well-known for their functions as antioxidants. However, antioxidative activities of most of polyphenols are not so high as expected due to their high molecule.
Oligonol® is rich in low molecular polyphenols that are manufactured by the world-first technology developed by Amino Up.

Study Results

Scientific Publications

To date, universities and research institutes around the world have been engaged in research on Oligonol®, and more than 80 papers have been published.

.What is Oligonol®

Raw Material

Oligonol® is manufactured from lychee polyphenols that are extracted from lychee fruits under strict process control.

Active Components

Oligonol® is composed mainly of polyphenols, and is especially rich in proanthocyanidins in the form of low molecules like monomers and oligomers.

.Features of Oligonol®

Oligonol® contains low molecular weight polyphenols two to eight times as many as other common polyphenol products in the markets.

.Manufacturing process of Oligonol®

Oligonol® is manufactured by decomposing Lychee polyphenols into smaller molecules with a proprietary technique of Amino Up.

.Safety of Oligonol®

Toxicity Assay

  • Acute oral toxicity test:LD50 > 2,000 mg/kg
  • Sub chronic oral toxicity study:NOAEL = 1,000 mg/kg/day
  • Reverse mutation test (Ames test): Negative
  • Micronucleus test: Negative

Safety Study

  • Human safety test (Phase I):600 mg/day
  • NDI (New Dietary Ingredients) notification: accepted by US FDA
  • GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) notification: accepted by US FDA


Certified as Kosher & Halal

Oligonol® has been certified as both Kosher & Halal by their authorized certification bodies.